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  • Can I just go to the office to take my test?
  • How does the lie detector work?
  • How accurate is the polygraph procedure?
  • Do I have to take the polygraph test, can I be forced to take the test?
  • How long does the test take?
  • How many questions can I ask?
  • Can I find out if my spouse has been faithful?
  • What kind of instrument do you use?

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Word of thanks to the following individuals and or organizations:

Cleve Backster: 

Mr. Backster is one of the founders of the polygraph profession. He has contributed time and education to many prominent examiners. I have attended various conferences and classes given by the Backster School of Lie Detection and have never been disappointed by the professionalism he and his staff have.

Ted Ponticelli: I graduated from The National Academy of Lie Detection in 1984. I owe the knowledge and continued experiences to this educator. Thanks Ted.

Walt Green: Walt was an instructor in the National Academy of Lie Detection from which I graduated. Walt was the instructor that actually engrained into my mind the use of the control question. A vivid picture still is in my mind of what the importance is of the control question and what it does in the mind of the innocent and the deceptive individual.

Mr. Gene Cella: I have known Mr. Cella for over 25 years. We work together and we have discussion sessions over lunch. Every polygraph examiner needs an outlet for case discussion, quality control and just plain comradre. Mr. Cella has been that friend and associate. Thanks Mr. Cella.

Below are links of importance that will be works in progress:

Bill Handle: This link corresponds to a Lawyer referral web site. The owner of the website has a radio talk show on AM 640 M-F 0600-0900 and again @ 1200-200 PM. The show is very entertaining and a must listen. handleonthe law.com

LA BAR Association:

Free pre-screened California Lawyer Referrals.

Identity Theft Is a Crime:

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Elder Rights/Elder Abuse 

How to Report Suspected Elder Abuse. Elder Rights Reports and Hot Topics ... Elder abuse. Financial exploitation and schemes/scams. Pension and retirement benefits

Child Abuse

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A digest of links to media coverage of clergy abuse
Note: I am a Catholic

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